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"Le récit réussit l’exploit de se lire comme un documentaire, malgré la présence de ce fantôme qu’on ne souhaite à personne : les plus belles envolées graphiques de la dessinatrice étant ce visage mauvais et perpétuellement encapuchonné de noir, capable effectivement de vous hanter longtemps." Le Vif / L’Express

"Un récit autobiographique sans complaisance." Books

"Le passionnant livre de Shaghayegh Moazzami, adresse intelligemment la question ce qu’est réellement la « liberté » Benzine

"Après les œuvres de Mana Neyestani, les Éditions çà et là nous font découvrir un nouveau talent de la bande dessinée iranienne qui partage ses souffrances et les stigmates liées à l’exil." Avoir Alire

Shaghayegh Moazzami

Diary of a young Iranian woman haunted by an old judgemental madwoman

At the age of 30, Shaghayegh Moazzami left Iran and went to Canada by means of a marriage of convenience. In Haunted, she writes about all the difficulties she faced in her home country – whether at school or within her own family – and that compelled her to leave. More importantly, she tells how, when she arrived in Canada in 2016, she did not find herself more serene and continued to feel the pressure of religion and traditions that were instilled in her as a child. One day, that pressure suddenly appeares as an old bigot and extremely conservative imaginary woman. An old lady who persecutes Shaghayegh, constantly condemning her western way of life and admonishing her every time she does something that would be forbidden or poorly viewed in her country (biking or smoking when you are a woman, drinking alcohol, etc.)…
Haunted is an unvarnished autobiographical story, an immersion into the disturbed mind of an angry young woman, who has to cope with inner demons and with personal circumstances, both making her profoundly upset. Through her story, Shaghayegh Moazzami shows how, to this day, Iranian people – and more specifically Iranian women – still undergo an unbelievable pressure that will most likely haunt them forever.

Published in August 2021

17 × 24 cm, softcover
208 pages
Two colors

Shaghayegh Moazzami

Shaghayegh Moazzami was born in 1986, in Iran. In 2010 she graduated from the university of art in Teheran. She was first a painter, but soon her love for storytelling galvanized her into making illustrations and comics. In 2016 she left Iran and settled in Canada. Since 2017, she has been working as an illustrator for Canadian web-magazines. Haunted is her first graphic novel in which she tells how the conservative mentality in Iran continued to traumatize her even after moving to Canada.